Lavante for All Industries

Lavante solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of many different industries, such as retail, grocery chains, manufacturing organizations, energy, hotel and restaurant chains, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, and more.

Built on the advanced, patented technology, Lavante solutions work to automate and manage the thousands of connections to your suppliers in order to maximize the volume and speed of credits recovered.

Here are just a few of the industries that have benefited from Lavante's solutions:

Lavante solutions work to uncover a continuous stream of credits for retailers that have spent years using traditional profit recovery services.  Looking beyond missed discounts, duplicate payments and other transactional errors, Lavante reveals mistakes at the vendor level that are missed by client AP departments.  We work with both merchandise and expense sides across multiple retail sectors, including office products, department stores, grocery chains, wholesale companies, and cosmetics/beauty supply.

Lavante meets the unique requirements of a wide range of hospitality clients -- restaurant chains, cruise lines, hotels, and large entertainment conglomerates -- with the ability to manage vendor relationships with multiple brands and franchise locations. Lavante understands these complex vendor relationships to locate deeper recovery opportunities.


Manufacturers purchase products at different frequencies and volumes than other industries, and experience high levels of mergers and acquisitions. The results are vendor files  repleate with hidden and overlapping vendor relationships leading to transactional payment errors. Lavante’s methodology and technology reveals vendor relationships that deliver credits across all vendors all while identifying process issues that can then be corrected.


Lavante Recovery™ allows energy corporations to maximize recovery credits across their high volume of suppliers, and tracks credits delivered over multiple business units.  Finance departments have immediate access to all related materials via an intuitive web portal, allowing them to review and understand credits recovered on a continuous basis.  Lavante works with all energy sectors, including oil & gas, utilities, and clean energy resources.


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