Data Quality is Critical

A single, polished vendor master is not only critical for foundational P2P processes, but can be an incredible tool in the hands of the right procurement professional. Despite its importance, the utopia of vendor management often stays just out of reach for large organizations.

There is a ripple effect to poor data management across an Enterprise.  Inconsistency and lack of controls lead to increased risk and untapped cost savings, as well as poor visibility into spend insights. Lavante helps sanitize, fine-tune, and consolidate your many vendor master files quickly, effectively and permanently.


Lavante SIM Cleanse dramatically reduces the incidence of transactional errors arising from inaccurate supplier data while at the same time giving you better insights into your supplier population.

Lavante creates a dedicated instance on the Lavante Connect Platform and performs an in-depth vendor file cleanse by automating supplier communication and enriching data with a network of over 2.7M records.

Clients utilizing the Lavante SIM Cleanse can easily and seamlessly upgrade into elevated solution levels including Lavante SIM Insight and Lavante SIM.

For clients looking for cleansing services beyond  Lavante SIM Cleanse, PRGX offers an expert team of experienced consultants to address a full spectrum of services.



  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Supplier Search Functionality
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Basic Validations
  • Normalize Key Fields
  • Duplicate Supplier Identification
  • Network-based Enrichment
  • Supplier Profile Monitoring
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“Lavante delivers the most effective Vendor File Management services available today.”
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