Lavante Recovery+ Solution Receives Technology Excellence Award

Lavante Receives PayStream Advisors Excellence Award









The Lavante Recovery+ solution was recognized as a technology leader when it received the PayStream Advisors' Technology Excellence Award in P2P Automation award for leading Recovery Audit Solution.  Pictured above is Henry Ijams, Managing Director of PayStream Advisors, with award recepients Joe Flynn, CEO, and Tom Flynn, VP Sales, of Lavante.  At the awards ceremony, Mr. Ijams described the Lavante Recovery+ at the awards ceremony which was held at the PayStream Fast Track to P2P Automation Summit held in Charlotte in September, as follows: 


"Lavante Recovery+ automates a highly manual recovery audit processes, providing a comprehensive, automated, and continuous recovery solution. Their patented technology and private supplier network transforms the recovery process and enables AP to take complete control by using the interactive interface to review, process and analyze all recovery credits and activities. This single platform allows a collaborative workflow, which engages the client and Lavante auditors, speeding credit processing and resolution. Lavante’s unique methodology turns recovery from a manual project into an automated, ongoing process that delivers continuous benefits, including dollars to the bottom line, dynamic reporting, and updated vendor data."


To learn more about these awards please visit PayStream Advisors or the Lavante press releaseClick here to learn more about the Lavante Recovery+ Solution.