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Lavante provides on-demand solutions for connecting companies and suppliers, driving ongoing supplier communication, compliance, and insight. Lavante delivers Supplier Information Management (SIM), TIN Management, and Recovery Audit solutions that help companies drive dollars to the bottom line, ensure quality of supplier data and improve supplier relationships.


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Lavante Solution Overview Datasheets


vedor file management

Lavante SIM: Supplier Compliance/Workflow Automation

This cloud-based tool has been helping Fortune 1000 companies enhance compliance and risk management by automating supplier qualification and vendor master file cleansing.

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Lavante Recovery+™ For Statement Audits

Lavante Recovery+ goes well beyond traditional statement audit services, delivering a comprehensive, automated, and continuous recovery solution that speeds more than dollars to your bottom line. With its patented technology and private supplier network, Lavante Recovery+ transforms the recovery process, maximizing both time and credit dollars recovered, while simultaneously enabling AP to take complete control of the recovery process.

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Lavante Recovery: Recovery Auditing

Lavante Recovery enables companies to maximize vendor statement audit recoveries and supplier insights across 95% of spend. The Lavante Recovery on-demand application and services automate the vendor statement auditing process including: communicating with suppliers; collecting AR data; discovering credits; and delivering recoveries to clients.

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Lavante Recovery™ for Duplicate Payments

Lavante Recovery for Duplicate Payments™ combines our deep domain expertise in recovery audit best practices together with our patented SaaS technology solution to deliver recovered dollars quickly, and with minimal impact on your internal resources.

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Case Studies


S&P 500 Diversified Manufacturer

Non-respondent suppliers respond with Lavante SIM

"This study looks at how a Mid-Western S&P 500 Diversified Manufacturer uses Lavante SIM to automate its communications and data collection with a generally non-respondent supplier population.  As a result, the client has significantly reduced its exposure to risk as well as the cost to manage its supplier base.  This manufacturer also uses Lavante Recovery which has enabled the collection of open credits from its suppliers which in effect has paid for Lavante SIM. "It's a dream come true for AP and Purchasing," says the Senior Account Payable Manager."

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Accurate Supplier Data in Pharmaceutical Procurement

By Thomas Kase, Lead Analyst, Spend Matters

This study looks at how a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company –used Lavante Recovery to  to drive recovery dollars while also driving compliance and improving engagement with suppliers and cleansing its vendor master files.  As the study finds, "The company was able to recover $5MM in credit opportunities based on a total spend of $10 billion."

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Global Cruise Line

On Deck with Lavante for Ongoing Credits

Learn how this subsidiary of one of the world’s largest cruise lines, turned to Lavante Recovery to uncover hidden credits, driving dollars back to the company on a continuous basis, while also discovering process errors. "Lavante finds things that we would not normally catch.  We can then take that information and go in to identify the problem areas so we continue to improve."

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