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S&P 500 Diversified Manufacturer


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Lavante SIM
Lavante Recovery

  • Identified and eliminated significant duplicate vendors in master file.
  • Reduced exposure to B Notices by automating the collection and validation of TINs.
  • Achieved compliance from over 40% of the most difficult suppliers in less than 3 months.

Large University Hospital and Medical Center

Lavante SIM
Lavante Recovery

  • Reduced on-boarding cycle time by automating supplier outreach and profile collection process.
  • Improved leverage with suppliers by negotiating Terms & Conditions prior to awarding business using Lavante-enabled accelerated acceptance & e-Signature.
  • Improved teamwork between AP and Purchasing through implementation of collaborative workflow using Lavante notifications.

Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider

Lavante Recovery

  • $38 million recovered

Fortune 150 Biopharmaceuticals Company

Lavante SIM
Lavante Recovery

  • $23 million recovered

Leading North American Railway Company

Lavante Recovery

  • $10 million recovered

World Leader in Construction Materials

Lavante Recovery

  • $5 million recovered

Fortune 500 Global
Hospitality Company

Lavante Recovery

  • $4 million recovered


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