Do you really know how FATCA affects your business?!

Very proud to announce a new Lavante White Paper presented by our friends at IOFM and TAPN and authored by myself and Joe Flynn of Lavante as well as Kelli Wooten of Markit/CTI.  This latest educational white paper offers a deep dive exploration of how an enterprise can become compliant with FATCA standards in 2015/16. [...]

The Institute of Financial Management IOFM Webinar Vendor Management Automation Survey Results

Join us for this one hour interactive webinar to help make your AP department more successful in 2013. The Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM) recently surveyed finance professionals, including accounts payable department managers, supervisors and controllers, to learn about the level of automation in their organization’s accounts payable department, specifically focusing on the tasks related to vendor/supplier management.

MGM Resorts Executive Named Controller of the Year by the Institute of Finance and Management

Lavante is the leader in on-demand supplier management solutions, including recovery auditand supplier information management applications. Built with advanced, patented-pending technology, Lavante delivers to the financial arena a new standard in efficient technology-driven solutions that allow companies to quickly drive dollars to the bottom line, improve supplier communications, and assure high supplier data quality. Lavante solutions are deployed across Fortune 1000 enterprises including the hospitality, retail, entertainment, manufacturing, and medical industries. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Lavante is privately held and was founded in 2001. For more information please visit

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Omnicare Executive Named AP Manager of the Year by the Institute of Finance Management

Lavante, a key provider of supplier management solutions, announced today that Tina McGlasson, Director of Accounts Payable (AP) at Omnicare, a nationwide provider of pharmaceutical services and a valued customer of Lavante, has been selected as AP Manager of the Year by the IOMAs Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM), a leading industry association for finance professionals. McGlasson was selected for her strategic approach to AP, her focus on continuous improvement and her ability to collaborate across departments to increase the value that AP delivers to the overall organization.

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Thoughts About the Escalating Complexities in Managing Supplier Relationships and Information

Managing supplier information is becoming an ever-more complex and involved process for organizations of every size and across all industries.   Through our work at Lavante in automating recovery audit  and supplier management processes, we are constantly learning from our customers, prospects, and industry analysts how organizations are dealing with this critical issue.   We recently partnered [...]

Accounts Payable Acquisition Integration Part 2 – Managing & Integrating Multiple Vendor Master Files

Last week I wrote about my past experiences with integrating the accounts payable functions of acquired companies into a service center environment, detailing the inherent difficulties and the ongoing search for solutions to help manage this complex process. In this blog, I’d like to focus on one of the major problem areas that is frequently [...]

Notes from the Field – AP Discussion Increases around the need for Effective Supplier Management Processes

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting Minneapolis to participate in two separate events – a lunch & learn session co-sponsored by Lavante, Basware and the IOFM, followed by the Northern Lights IFO chapter meeting. Here, I’ll focus on discussions that took place at the first event, and I’ll return next week with some [...]

Future of AP Lunch & Learn Series Continues for One More Week in Three Cities

The final three lunch and learn sessions focus on the top changes coming to AP in three cities, presented by Lavante, Basware and new sponsor IOFM.

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