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Do you really know how FATCA affects your business?!

Very proud to announce a new Lavante White Paper presented by our friends at IOFM and TAPN and authored by myself and Joe Flynn of Lavante as well as Kelli Wooten of Markit/CTI.  This latest educational white paper offers a deep dive exploration of how an enterprise can become compliant with FATCA standards in 2015/16. [...]

Vendor File Management | Collect W9 | OFAC Screening | Insurance Certification Collection | Diversity Tracking | Supplier Onboarding | USPS Validation

Join CEO, Joe Flynn of Lavante as he interviews both Jeff Ulanoski, former Rite Aid Director of AP and Jeff Wiest, former AP Manager at Tyco Electronics on the state of Vendor Management. Find out the benefits of using technology to: Collect W9s Screen OFAC Lists Validate Insurance Certificates Validate Diversity Status Manage Supplier Onboarding Validate USPS Addresses Manage your Vendor File More...

IRS form W9 Instructions and Printable Download

Collection of IRS federal tax form W9 does not have to be so painful. Watch this short video to see how you and your organization can Request, Collect and Automatically validate the TIN numbers with the IRS using the new Lavante Supplier Information Management System.

Thoughts About the Escalating Complexities in Managing Supplier Relationships and Information

Managing supplier information is becoming an ever-more complex and involved process for organizations of every size and across all industries.   Through our work at Lavante in automating recovery audit  and supplier management processes, we are constantly learning from our customers, prospects, and industry analysts how organizations are dealing with this critical issue.   We recently partnered [...]

Lavante and Basware Launch 2012 Future of AP Seminar Series in Houston, Texas

On Thursday, February 16, we were happy to co-host the first of a our Future of AP: Five Top Changes Coming to AP lunch & learn series in Houston, Texas.  We had a record turnout, with a great cross section of companies represented – across industries and size of organization.  As usual, the session offered [...]

Insights About the Future of 1099 Issues in Financial Operations Matters

I was happy to see the article by Diane Sears in the latest issue of Financial Operations Matters, Is 1099 Issue Dead or just Resting? which focused on the continuing 1009 reporting dilemma. Although the heated debate over this issue has died down after the repeal of the reporting requirements tied to the health care [...]

President Obama Signs Repeal of Expanded 1099 Reporting Requirements

President Obama on Thursday signed into law a bill repealing the expanded 1099 reporting requirements from the 2010 health care law. The Senate passed the repeal bill in an 87-12 vote on April 5 after the House passed the bill in March.

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US Senate Passes the House’s 1099 Repeal Bill, Goes Next to the White House

Today, the Senate passed the House’s 1099 repeal bill, H.R. 4, in an 87-12 vote. The bill will go directly to the White House where President Barack Obama will have the opportunity to sign or veto the bill.

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Finance Professionals Roundtable About Changes In 1099 Reporting And The Inevitable Impact On Their Departments

In February, Lavante hosted a regional roundtable dinner discussion in the greater Dallas area. Joining the conversation were financial minds from Alcon, Flowserve, Trinity Industries, AutoNation, the BNSF railway, Occidental Petroleum, Lehigh and Genband, who gathered together to discuss critical issues facing their company and departments. A lively discussion was held over dessert about “What [...]

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House Approves Repeal of 1099 Reporting Requirements

Today, the House passed the H.R. 4 bill in a 314-112 vote, repealing the 1099 reporting requirements from the funding provision of the 2010 health care law. The bill eliminates the requirement that all for-profit corporations issue 1099 forms to vendors from whom they purchased over $600 of goods or services in a tax year, [...]

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