About Lavante

Lavante is the leading provider of Cloud-based supplier management solutions for Fortune 1000 Companies. Our mission is to connect businesses with their suppliers and we provide value to both by automating and improving the quality, accuracy and cost effectiveness of business interactions. For businesses our software and services help drive dollars to the bottom-line by ensuring quality of supplier data and automation of supplier onboarding and ongoing management, including burdensome tax and compliance requirements. For suppliers, we simplify the process of delivering value to clients and improve customer satisfaction, the ability to win new accounts, and profit.


Lavante was founded in 2001 and has successfully partnered with hundreds of AP and Procurement professionals as well as hundreds of thousands of suppliers. The company truly understands the unique needs and challenges facing these groups. In particular, we know that AP is constantly being asked to do more with fewer resources. We know that processes to collect and validate supplier information to qualify new or update existing vendors are often manual, time consuming and prone to error. AP professionals are constantly under pressure to approve and pay suppliers quickly while simultaneously ensuring suppliers are compliant and that documentation and data are in place and easily accessible by multiple internal departments to reduce risk.


We understand this. And we’ve designed tools specifically for them so that they can have proper controls in place, mitigate risk and improve productivity. With a single platform for both supplier information management and recovery auditing, Lavante offers the market a unique, self-funding combination for collecting, storing, and managing all supplier data for regulatory compliance and supplier AR reconciliation.


The Lavante Difference

For 10 years, Lavante has pioneered processes and technology for companies and suppliers delivering the following benefits to enterprises across industries:

  • Quick Time to Value: Lavante delivers its solutions on-demand, ensuring rapid customer deployments, low impact on customer resources, and immediate results
  • Highest Supplier Compliance: With best-practice compliance processes and services, Lavante delivers the highest supplier compliance in the industry, averaging 8X results of traditional, alternative solutions
  • Quality Supplier Data: Lavante drives proactive and continuous communication with suppliers, enabling suppliers to manage their own information and ensuring that supplier information is always validated and accurate
  • Lavante Supplier Network: Lavante continues to build and leverage its vast supplier network to drive supplier compliance; suppliers benefit from a single, self-service portal to manage their information across all Lavante customers
  • Increased Cash Flow with Self-Funding Capabilities: Lavante delivers 5-10X the results of traditional vendor statement audit approaches, with average time to cash of 19 days; Lavante customers can fund projects with the credits they find from Lavante Recovery


Lavante solutions are deployed across Fortune 1000 enterprises including the hospitality, retail, entertainment, manufacturing and medical industries. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Lavante is privately held.


Lavante Solutions


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